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Go Green
Office Concepts Environmental Vision to help customers conserve energy, protect natural resources, and lower equipment output costs.

Top 3 Tips to help reduce the impact of your office equipment on the environment

Power Consumption

Energy Savings Mode – systems can be customized to enter into the Energy Savings Mode after 1-240 minutes of non use. Because of the new quick start technology, the average time to warm-up is approximately 5 seconds when in Energy Savings Mode is utilized. Energy saving measured in kWh can be as high as 30% per year! *Study performed by BLI using a Lanier LD525c


Paper Savings

Duplex Printing (2-sided) – it is estimated that approximately 8-12% of all copy, print, and fax pages produced in the United States are duplexed by the user. A study by the University of Washington determined that increasing their yearly duplexed copies from 10% to 50% would equate to a 20% reduction in paper usage which would also save an estimated 2,125 trees, 8.3 billion BTUs of energy, 626 tons of greenhouse gases, 4 million gallons of effluent flow, and 51 tons of solid waste. The reduction in paper purchases would exceed $180,000.
*Study by UW and the City of Seattle



Our manufacturers recycling programs have kept thousands of tons of supplies out of landfills. They lead the industry in alternatives for used supplies, including print cartridge reprocessing, waste toner reuse, plastics and metals recovery and turning waste into energy. Office Concepts is a recycling center for Close The Loop, a company who recycles used toner and print cartridges, using them to manufacture a product eLumber™. eLumber™ can be used as fences, garden edging, outdoor furniture, sound barriers, and many other applications. Office Concepts utilizes all the same steps we promote to our clients to reduce their carbon footprints. We evaluate our entire business to find ways to implement sustainable programs throughout our company.

Office Concepts teams up with the top technology partners in the business. Lanier, Lexmark, Canon, Ricoh, and HP are not only innovative, energy star rated office solutions; they have all received accolades for their environmental efforts.

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